Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gallery invites

The invitations to my senior gallery show! I sent these out to various people in preparation for the show about two weeks ago. A translated version of the information was on the back of the invite, but this front side is more fun to look at!

Eowyn and the Witch King

The sketch version of a painting I'm going to be doing here in the next couple of days. I decided to illustrate my own version of the Lord of the Rings story of Eowyn and the Witch King! I had a lot of fun doing the sketch, and I'm looking forward to the finished painting!

Bird and Serpent at War

The digital sketch of a watercolor painting that I did. Unfortunately, the painting itself didn't quite come out how I wanted, but I still love the sketch version!

The Moon and the Water

Watercolor painting I did for class in preparation for a picture book I'll be doing around this story that I wrote. I plan on starting work on the book, here in the next month hopefully!