Friday, December 14, 2012


The initial sketch and finished versions of a recent mailer that I made. Though obviously I've left out the text box and info so that you guys can see the image better. Enjoy! Copyright Anna Earley, 2012, all rights reserved

Prizes from a sketch giveaway

So, from time to time I do little promotional giveaways of varying kinds. This one was a free sketch giveaway for 13 of my deviantart fans of their original characters. As such, none of these characters actually belong to me, but they were fun to work with just the same!

Just a little sketching

Just a few sketches of two of the main characters for my bachelor's project! Lately school's been keeping me pretty busy with finals and such so little sketches like this are all I've really had time for. But after New Year's my schedule should clear up a bit and I'll have more time for work!